The heat is on. You're under pressure to get your product to market, and you need just the right heating element or system to ensure incorrect temperatures or condensation don't compromise its performance. Quality is imperative. Costs are tight. Plus, you need fast ideas and quick delivery. Who should you call first? Electro-Flex Heat. Over fifty years of dependable and flexible heat solutions - Many industries count on Electro-Flex Heat for freeze protection, viscosity control, condensation prevention, and more. Our flexible heating elements and systems put the right amount of heat exactly where you want it. No matter how complicated, custom, or proprietary your application may be, we can work with you to provide cost-effective, quality solutions delivered on-time and on-budget. Our talented design, development, and production staff is eager to find a solution for you. Call for a quick quote or application assistance: 800-585-4213 or 860-242-6287