About Us

Electro-Flex Heat has provided dependable and flexible heat solutions for over 50 years. We serve a broad array of customers in multiple markets: military, aerospace, medical, business machines, vending equipment, automotive and many more. No matter where our heaters are used, customers have learned to count on us for application assistance, dependable delivery and cost-effective solutions.

At a Glance:

  • Company started in 1954
  • Totally equipped 18,000 square foot plant
  • Highly trained and talented staff
  • Strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
  • Global supplier
  • Products made entirely in the USA
  • Wide range of stock heaters including Drum, Silicone Rubber, Enclosure, Motor and Pipe Heaters, as well as Insulating Blankets and Temperature Controllers
  • Custom configurations available for most any silicone rubber heater solution
  • Free and prompt quotes available