Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone Rubber heaters have wire-wound or etched foil heating circuits laminated between thin layers of fiberglass-reinforced, high-temperature insulation, silicone rubber. The thin profile transfers heat quickly because the actual resistance element is so close to the heated part. Silicone Rubber heaters are resistant to temperature extremes, moisture, weathering, radiation, fungus and chemical attack.

Silicone Rubber heaters also have a high dielectric strength, flexibility, provide a cost effective heating solution and are easily bonded or cemented to heat sinks or other parts to be heated. They can be virtually any size, shape and configuration and are the ideal solution for many low- and medium-temperature applications that do not conform to standard heater shapes, sizes and dimensions. Custom products available.


  • 115V standard
  • Power densities of 2.5W/in.2, 5W/in.2 and 10W/in.2 cover a wide range of applications
  • Operating temperature range of -70°F to 450°F
  • Resistant to many chemical substances

Typical Applications

  • De-icing and anti-icing equipment
  • Freeze protection for drains in refrigeration equipment
  • Electric motor dehumidifying
  • Consumer appliances
  • Vending equipment
  • Food service equipment
  • Security cameras

Additional Information

How to Order

  1. Determine needed specifications (see Figure 1 and Tables 1, 2, 3) in Product Data Sheet.
  2. Specify model number (see Figure 3) in Product Data Sheet.
  3. Contact factory or representative.